One person, one family, one team
Growing together day to day

KEYNAUT is not only an extraordinary brand of cosmetics, is also a philosophy of life.

Keynautstarted off as a dream for the president of the Company Joaquim Baena. His first direct contacts with the cosmetic industry origínate from his stance in England more than 10 years ago.

Our CEO, entrepreneur, manufacturer and connoisseur in the industry of cosmetics made the dcision to participate in this huge market and did so making products for third parties,obtaining optimistic results.


A few years later he was introduced into the online distribution system through Network Marketing Webs.He knew that it was the way to reach much further and faster, satisfying the end customer´s basic needs using this type technological channel.


He has managed to unite the cosmetic industry with the Network Marketing Industry, thus being able to launch his very own brand of products.

KEYNAUT’s main mission is to bring beauty and wellness to every household through new distribution channels. To also motivate distributors to reach their full potential.

We want to help you to achieve the success that you are searching for, for you and people like you. Join the KEYNAUT team.