Keynaut: Epigenetic Science

Epigenetics is responsible for regulating the mechanisms that control the expression of genes. They work like a set of switches that are turned on or off by chemical processes in DNA. Our genetic inheritance does not change, but the way in which it manifests is absolutely influenced by the environment, habits or environmental conditions, as well as emotions.

And this is what makes us unique

Keynaut was born in 2016 to innovate in health, beauty and well-being.

Thanks to epigenetics, the basis of our technology, we recover the well-being and beauty inherent in our genes.

In our constant commitment to innovation, and thanks to epigenetics,
We have developed the “Keynaut Peptide Technology” to
recover the health and beauty inherent in our genes.

No animal in the world looks as distinctive as a zebra.
Their stripes are so unique that it is impossible to find two identical in the world.


enhance the uniqueness of your beauty

Keynaut ® discovers a new research territory thanks to its technology, controlling gene expression mechanisms and the synthesis of skin proteins.
P48®Bio-Mimetic Peptide, the basis of our high-end cosmetic line ROYAL, is a biologically active principle that reactivates regeneration of the skin using epigenetic science. It is designed to regenerate skin tissues, protect it from agents external, provide sustained hydration and greater luminosity.

A delicious natural coffee at the service of every consumer Keynaut has joined the second most consumed beverage on the planet with features never seen before. Kups is the first epigenetic coffee with natural elements that improve your well-being, it is capable of influencing various daily metabolic processes of your body, carefully selected ingredients work together and multiply their effects. You have a Kups for every moment of the day.

Choose your Kups for every moment of the day.



Not only genetics conditions our DNA. 

Time, external aggressions from the environment (tobacco, sun, food, stress …) and even emotions also produce chemical processes that alter our DNA over the years.

At Keynaut we are in constant commitment to Innovation, developing new ideas and products for our clients. Thanks to our epigenetic technology we can activate the proteins of the youth of our skin by reactivating or inhibiting these processes.

All of our products and manufacturing processes comply with regulations and quality standards.