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KEYNAUT is not just an extraordinary brand of products, it is a philosophy of life.


Joaquin and Jaume are producers of cosmetic and nutritional products to third parties, have a great experience in the sector of beauty and health, partners of production laboratories that encompass various technology companies in the cosmetic and nutritional sector.

The history of Keynaut has 2 determining dates:

  • The first in 2014 and unknowingly take the first contact with epigenetics due to a close case of degenerative disease caused by the switching off of genes and discover the benefits that could bring epigenetics and the possibility of applying it to their products.

  • The second in 2015 when a well-known network marketing company entrusts them with the development of their brand and their formulas, where they discover and realize the great potential of this distribution system.


“Innovation and evolution is in the hands of people”

With the knowledge acquired in the manufacture and formulation of high quality products, in January 2016 they decided to create their own brand, “KEYNAUT” wanting to unite the techno-cosmetic sector with the Network Marketing industry and thus be able to bring beauty and well-being to each home.

The mission of KEYNAUT is to bring beauty and well-being to each house through the new distribution channels.

And motivate distributors to reach their full potential.

We want to help you achieve the success you are looking for, you and people like you. Join the KEYNAUT team