Feel free, build your future.

The Keynaut Compensation Plan is the most competitive and powerful in the industry today.


High-technology products applied specifically to science and beauty which are easily recommendable for the benefits they unquestionably provide. Keynaut is positioned as a leader in the cosmetics sector.


Tools to enhance the benefits of your own business. Continued formation through courses and events with high quatities of motivation and to be taught by the best present day coaches .Marketing resources that are always available for you to use a a reference.


This means Keynaut offers you a view of life from the perspective in which you are the one who makes your own personal decisions. Your work always pays off. Travelling, meeting up with new people and above all enjoyment. Think in a different way, think KEYNAUT.


Imagine obtaining a profit doing what you really love doing and sharing it with people that you know. All this using the product that is changing your beauty every day. KEYNAUT is a global trading platform with direct selling opportunities in the cosmetics business sector.

You will be able to increase profits in your business in 6 different ways, in addition to getting exclusive incentives. Being a Keynaut distributor is much more than a business opportunity, it is an exclusive and unique sensational experience .

Direct Sale:

Recommend and share the benefits of KEYNAUT products.

Sales Start up:

Earn commissions for customer acquisition in packet form, exchanging them for initial purchases of products.

Making sales as a team:

Helps and supports those who join up with your team. The more you help them succeed, the more commissions you can earn for your team.

Residual sales:

We distribute royalties to new distributors who have recommended Keynaut®. This promoting incentive bonus.

Incentive Bonuses

Reach your goals in KEYNAUT: Grow as an entrepreneur and we will reward you for doing it.

We want to help you to achieve the success that you are looking for, to you and to people just like you. Join the KEYNAUT team.