High profile cosmetics line based on epigenetics. Active ingredients that regenerate skin tissue, protection from external agents and that also provide a greater brightness, causing a rejuvenation affect to your face.




“A cream created and designed by and for you”

With an anti- aging global action, our exclusive formula discovered after years of investigation, combines into one major cosmetic, the power to fight against the passing of the years.

Our day cream is a velvety and light emulsion designed by laboratories Keynaut as a multifunctional product for rejuvenation and comprehensive skin protection.

A much more toned skin.

Accelerates regeneración epidérmica for smoother skin.

Activates the cell cleaning process.

Delays cell aging.

Its main action is given by the presence of a single active ingredient: Epigenroyaltina P5TM.

Inspired by the science of epigenetics, this peptide copies the action of royal jelly to maximize their effects on the skin and has proven to be able to modify the characteristics among worker bees and the queens that still sharing DNA, present great differences in their longevity.

Renovation cutaneous improves the process of ensuring a smoother skin, with an activation of cell dermopurification for a more functional and toned skin and a slowing senescence mechanisms associated with age.

In the morning, apply a small amount of the product on your face, carefully avoiding the eye area.

Make small circular massage movements until the substance is completely absorbed.

Penta-peptid epigenetic biomimétic exclusive formula. The most powerful active ingredient seen so far, which helps cell renewal avoiding the appearance of wrinkles.

Its lasting intense nourishing and moisturizing factor improves skin elasticity, thanks to its high content in vitamin F (set of unsaturated fatty acids of the omega 3 and omega 6 series), a vital and essential component of cell membranes.

It is very effective against free radicals and has a great antioxidant effect. It limits the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Sustain innovative moisturizing effect, which retains moisture, it is assimilated into the skin naturally with immediate effect.




“To be who you really want to be”

After many years of investigation, and thanks to the combination of our experience and that of our experts in I & D, Keynaut has created this pioneer cream globally.

Based on the innovation tecnology of anti-aging, the discovery of Keynaut is brought about. This silky cream consistency is thus created to minimize and eliminate the effects of aging taking place on the skin.

Restores metabolism reducing signs of aging.

It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Improves the tone and elasticity of the skin.

It is specially designed to favor the natural nighttime renewal process, which is when the skin has a greater receptivity to improve overall conditions and strengthen its vitality.

It nourishes the skin ensuring flexibility and softness. It also helps reinforce its natural defence mechanisms to cope with daily external aggressions and at the same time streamlines the process of cutaneous renovation.

With its exclusive and unique formula the skin establishes the mechanisms necessary to be repaired before dawn, leaving you with a face expression without signs of fatigue. Thus having a youthful, radiant and luminous cutaneous texture.

Its combination of active ingredients and new scientific approach called epigenetics, make Royal NightCreamTM a global solution against aging, favouring the production of youth conserving proteins.

Royal NightCreamTM, is the cream with which we all dream about. Today, at last, dreams really do come true thanks to KEYNAUT.

Cleanse the skin with the RoyalCleanser TM to leave a clean and smooth skin.

Apply a small amount of cream on the nose, forehead, cheeks and neck. Massage into the skin using small circular movements until the cream is completely absorbed.

Penta-peptido epigenetic biomimetic with its own exclusive formula. The most powerful active ingredient yet to be seen that helps in cell renewal,thus avoiding the appearance of wrinkles.

The moisturizing power of JOBAJOBA OIL helps in preventing the formation of wrinkles, and also helps to maintain a turgid skin. On the other hand, its high content of antioxidant vitamins C and E, plus vitamins A, B and B1, contribute in neutralizing free radicals attacks.

Creates a protective film on the skin that prevents transepidermal moisture loss, and at the same time maintaining its necessary natural hydration. The same protective effect is both immediate and long term. It brings with it softness and comfort. It also prevents the entry of substances that may cause annoying skin irritation.

A combination of peptides and active proteins created exclusively by laboratories Keynaut. It helps to increase collagen levels lost due to the aging process. Maintaining adequate and lasting collagen functions that ensure a more youthful and healthy skin..



“The pleasure of being yourself, no cheating, just being yourself”

Thanks to its spray format, with which a soft and velvety foam is obtained, the RoyalCleasingTM is perfect to obtain a deep sense of freedom in the skin that we so much require to start and end the day with, the feeling of full energetic capacity.

From our KeynautTM laboratories, complementing our exclusive creams and RoyalNightCreamTM and Royal DayCreamTM , the discovery was made of this foam cleanser, based on the most up to date science research: Epigenetics.

Leaves skin clean, fresh and soft.

Gently exfoliates to reveal a rejuvenated skin.

Prevents unwanted imperfections.

Preserves skin hydration, respecting its natural PH.

Preparation of skin to be ready for products antiaging.

RoyalCleasingTM cleans the face gently and removes impurities, preserving the freshness of a youthful skin, respecting the PH and balance and at the same time ensuring perfect daily hygiene.

Thanks also to the active ingredients added exclusively by KeynautTM, it is the only cleaner on the market that also helps to smoothen and tighten skin rejuvenating , interior and exterior.

Its exclusive and unique combination of cleansers and exfoliating agents, combined with its anti-aging action, make it a product that will satisfy and reward the most demanding skins..

Shake the container well before use and press the top until a small amount of the product emerges.
Apply this to the face, previously moistening with warm water, gently massage in tiny circular movements, insisting on the forehead, chin and nose. After about 20-30 seconds, rinse the facial area with warm wáter, then dry without rubbing, followed by a light patting on the indicated area.
RoyalDayCreamTM subsequently apply inthe morning, or RoyalNightCreamTM, at night.

This gel contains aloeferon, anthraquinone and acemannan. It serves as a moisturizing and nutrient function contributing to the maintenance of the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, particularly aimed at damaged skin which it helps to repair in depth.

This natural component works as a moisturizer. It keeps the natural lipid barrier intact and stimulates our cells to accomplish rejuvenation.

PEG-8 Decyl Glucoside DIMETHICONE.
These non-irritating and non-ionic surfactants exert a deep cleansing function on the skin but at the same time totally respect the area to where it is applied.

Royal™ products of Keynaut™ have been to create to work in synergy.

It is recommended to use them together for a perfect result.