A team, a family,

that grow together day by day

KEYNAUT is not just an extraordinary brand of products, it is a philosophy of life.

Born in 2016 to unite the Cosmetic and Nutritional Biotechnology sector with the Network Marketing industry, everything to ensure Beauty and Wellness products in your life.
Keynaut has transformed over time into a wonderful family, united by the desire to create a unique lifestyle.

Located in Barcelona - Spain


Achieve to be the first in the world to lead a market in continuous growth with a lot of future projection, innovative and differential, such as epigenetic technology applied in its Beauty and Wellness products. 

As well as meeting the expectations of your distributors who want to live better, working every day to develop their potential, so that they can be the best version of themselves, and be able to achieve their dreams.


Offer a better future, full of well-being and beauty for people through innovative products that incorporate epigenetic technology and in turn more freedom and autonomy thanks to an excellent business opportunity helping them reach their maximum power.


The sense of belonging is the basis where to be able to bring to light the fundamental values for which we were born, we undoubtedly believe in the fidelity and strength of teamwork, guided by Honesty, Trust, loyalty, Integrity and transparency towards personalized communication.

For Keynaut, the satisfaction of our customers, and the self-realization of our distributors are the center of our inspiration and passion in everything we do.